Our Mission

Specialty Blenderized is a family-owned business that customizes and prepares nutritional whole foods to fit your specific Tube feedings, Meal Planning and or Daily Smoothies.

From a parent to one another facing the challenges of tube feeds can be quite frustrating. From knowing which consistency to have for your tube, how to prepare foods to avoid clogging to Preparation and time needed, or simply understanding the nutrients best for your loved one. Specialty Blenderized works with you to face these challenges you may be requiring.

We have found that there are limited resources for tube-fed patients, especially when it comes to their own personal selection where you are able to pick and create your whole food needs, customized to benefit your nutritional intake.


That is where Specialty Blenderized steps in providing your blended foods directly to you either blended, prepared, or cut fresh for your blends, and we even do the shopping for you. We are here to provide convenience straight to your door.

Nutrition is the key to living healthy understanding which food will benefit you. When one is weakened by Cancer, ALS, Multiple Scoliosis, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes or any medical condition that requires a feeding tube or simply in overall health. Either you are looking for more calories, protein, iron, fiber, vitamins, potassium, whole foods will supply you with the correct nutrition needed.

Not only has my daughter been my inspiration, in creating Specialty Blenderized, but my son as well. They have encouraged love with enthusiasm reaching out to others that might feel hopeless and with compassion in meeting their goals. The journey doesn’t end here as our story continues. Knowing how Beneficial a Whole food diet can be when receiving the right fruits and vegetables my son now joins along with our family in a daily healthy shake and enjoyable Salads.


With whole foods, we are impacting the importance when strengthening one’s bones, physical well-being, health, and proper nutrition.

My Story

Our Journey began when Kayla (my daughter) was born with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome. From a mother watching their child struggle to thrive, needing a significant increase in a healthy weight, gaining strength, and coordination we have worked closely with nutritionists to achieve Kayla’s Highest goals. As a mother, I understand the importance of healthy foods and the proper nutrients needed for the body. This path has impacted me to share our story in helping other families.