Our Story

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Our Journey began when Kayla (my daughter) was born with 1p36 Deletion Syndrome in 1997. From a mother watching their child struggle to thrive, needing significant increase in healthy weight, gaining strength, muscle tone and coordination we have worked closely with nutritionists to achieve Kayla’s Highest goals. As a mother, I understand the importance of Healthy Foods and the Proper Nutrients needed for the body. This path has impacted me to share our Story in helping other families.

Personally, I have found limited resources for Tube Fed Patients, especially when it comes to their own personal selection. This is where Specialty Blenderized LLC Steps in Creating Your Whole Foods for Tube Feeds customizing to benefit every Nutritional Need.

Seeing the dramatic increase with Kayla’s weight has been powerful just within the last four years when starting her on a complete Whole Food Diet. Not only in weight, energy, memory, processing and responding to tasks, attention span in many cognition skills, occupational to walking with assistance in her weight gain. This independence has brought her the most joy receiving in her life, Mobility! Kayla’s needs were high as with any of our children or adults facing struggles and challenges. She remained 12 pounds her first 5 years of life, 7 years of them being in and out of the hospital. In those 7 heartbreaking years we were desperate. The bleeding that occurred through her esophageal tract through oral feeds felt uncontrollable at times vomiting continuously especially when swallowing liquids or eating foods. If you have been here, you can understand the pain of watching one suffer. Thankfully and prayerfully doctors referred us in having Fundoplication and g-tube placed. Weight was beginning to establish slowly through the years.

Kayla is now 60 pounds to this day with her diet in Whole Food Blends with significant amount of Calories, Protein, and Vitamins you find with Organic Natural Unprocessed Foods through Tube Feeds and Bolus's.

To our surprise, she is incredibly eating table foods such as fish, chicken, rice, vegetables, avocados, eggs and potatoes. Studies show in tube feeding and with the proper nutrition one can start to crave and acquire foods given through Feeds.. Along with the help of speech therapy in working with Oral-Motor feeding exercises.

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